The Art of Success

This Personality Development program contains 250 of the proven success methods of personality development of the world’s most successful people, which brings you the priceless wisdom and advice of the Great Thinkers throughout history.

Beautifully but simply written, this notes has inspired countless students to write that they treasure these notes as a never ending inspiration for thought development and success in life.

The author began the notes by quoting from the Bible: “As a man thinketh… is he”.
Then from Budha: “All that we are the result of what we have thought.”
And from William James of Harvard: “Belief creates the actual fact”.
So Psycho Learning begins nailing proof upon evidence – that we become what we think. Just as the kind of food we eat build our bodies, so the thoughts we think build our character and our lives – what we really are or subsequently will become.
So what should we think?
Psycho Learning provides 80 chapters and 250 proven success methods based on wisdom and advice of the ages continue through the ‘guided missile’ cybernetic psychology of today. It is wisdom scientifically applied.
Psycho Learning becomes your teacher in real sense, because many of its thoughts are open – ended, leaving plenty of room for you to complete them with their own thinking.
It is really unusual!
Each brief chapter is different – totally unrelated to the other chapters – so you can study this course foreward, backward, start in the middle or anywhere. You are set free to ponder each thought briefly….or pass it by…or think about it deeply as long as you wish.
It ask questions for you to answer: What’s wrong with our deservedly having a share of the vast abundance which God continues to so profusely available to those who learn how to obtain, who work to earn, what they rightfully desire? There are moral and religious philosophies of doing without. Why not philosophy of abundance for all mankind?

The effect of this course will have upon your life is indescribable and unlimited. Your own thoughts will become bolder and be entwined with the wisdom of the Great thinkers to form your ‘Rope of Life’ as the Hindus would say, which cannot be broken by trouble, tragedy or terror.
It deals with inevitable problems, troubles and tragedies of life and death. And how to cope with them when they come. As they will.
It gently lifts the unbearable burden of grief… transform heartbreak in to heart ache…..then quickly provides the healing of admitting, accepting and adapting.
How can you bring this miracle in to your life at a time when only miracles will do? By doing four things, four things you must do or your life will be an empty shell.
Those four things, your personal miracle, will gradually, but surely, turn tragedy in to triumph …for you will know the everlasting truth that “when Fate closes one door, Faith opens another and you will quietly walk through that open door in to a beautiful tomorrow”.
This course is not mostly about how to cope with troubles and tragedy. It is a course of rainbows and skyrockets, personal victories and joyous triumphs! And how you can have them!
It is a course which will fill you with the ecstasy of certainty, with the excitement of positive assurance that…YES YOU CAN, WHEN YOU KNOW HOW!
This course is a priceless treasure of personal success methods – not available elsewhere – which required 40 years of research to assemble and many years to write.
If you had to search for and document success methods, even if you had the research resources, it would take you 40 years or more.
Yet it will take you only a few minutes to join this correspondence course.
When you can acquire 40 years of such valuable research, in only a few minutes….for only a few rupees…at NO RISK….you should do it.
Shouldn’t you?